Lighting Love!

Wednesday! Yes!! And I’m off Thursday! I think I will make it through the week! Anyway so yesterday was kind of slow in the store which makes for a long~ish afternoon but gives me a chance to catch up on all my design work! We are really slammed with clients (and I’m not complaining at all!) and are only gaining more!
Right now we are putting the finishing touches on a commercial project! It’s a mercantile store (in the country!) and will have a gas station, grocery store, deli, coffee shop, and retail space! The design was completed before I started but I’m experiencing the ordering and construction process from start to finish! I will definitely have pictures once we start installing all the good stuff! The décor is rustic with a modern twist! If you can imagine it, I’m sure the finished project will be NOTHING like you had in mind! There is some fun stuff going on, that’s for sure! We also got in a couple pairs of sconces today that are TO DIE FOR! Oh my, they are just so gorgeous.
This beauty

silver sconce

And this

bronze sconce

And this Chande


There may or may not have been a discussion about using this masterpiece in my wedding 😉

And it’s actually Thursday which I am thrilled about, because my love and I have planned a downtown lunch! Since I never make it downtown during lunch time and miss out on all the good food, you could say I’m a little excited!!!!


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