Catching Up

It’s been over a month since my last post. Whoops! I have been so super busy. And tired, very tired.
At work we have been slammed with clients and customers in the store! We have done many consultations, large and small.
Let me just say I am SO EXCITED about an addition we are starting!! The house itself is nice but the layout is ~kind of crazy~ We are adding on a mud room, laundry room, home office, and an outdoor patio!! My boss and I are working on this together so we have had a lot of fun!
I am beginning the ordering process for another client of my OWN! This is a guest room I have been working on and am thrilled to see it come to fruition! I know what it will look like, obviously, but it means a lot to say I’ve completed my first job!

We have also gotten so many beautiful pieces in the store lately! This pair of chairs is one of my absolute favorites

We also just got these frames in! They are so pretty and make great gift!

Switching gears~ Brett and I went with a group of friends to Asheville on a brewery tour and loved it! Brett definitely enjoys craft beer, I’m a little more hesitant but do enjoy some of it! Anyway, before we ever moved to Jackson we saw there was going to be a craft beer bar opening here. We have been watching the progress of this place, it’s called Fondren Public. IT JUST OPENED! It is the most awesome place! Gorgeous inside and lots of craft beers on tap and bottled. And many of the beers are from local breweries! Which makes us love this place even more! They have a shuffle board room and 2 bocce ball courts! It is like the best place to be in Jackson!

Here is their logo
fp #FollowTheJug

That was a super fast and not very detailed explanation of my month but I’ve got a lot of work to do still!
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend & week!


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